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MiKu - World In Shards

Friday, March 06, 2015

Frank Juncaj aka DJ 3000 is a man that needs no introduction on the electronic music stage, with a glittering past that has shown great success as both a DJ/producer, and owner of a record label. Due to his excellent taste in music and what he knows works, he’s a man that more often than not gets it right. He has shown his eye for talent spotting again here, with Motech’s 4th release coming from Frankfurt born Techno DJ MiKu. And it’s a good’un. MiKu had a mini hiatus through the 00’s but returned in 2010 to creating music, and judging by this release, he has his touch still very much intact. He opens up with title track ‘World In Shards’ which is a techno tornado from the off, with a thumping sturdy bassline. It’s clever use of soft percussion midway through adds a great layer to the production, before giving the track an almighty last punch at the end to really keep you on your toes until the last beat. Its followed up by ‘The Last Voice’ which holds a slightly more house flavour to its movements but is a true after-hours gem that will get you up and dancing when reserves are running low. Some excellent variety is apparent in this release, and it’s clear MiKu is back!