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Geil's "Ambigue" Gets Some Epic Remixes

Monday, March 23, 2015

Geil is a man with nearly 10 years experience in the industry under the alias Citizen Kain. Now working on a new project with a slightly different agenda, he has attacked it with his usual gusto and enthusiasm, and really gets the creative juices flowing. Full of dips and flows and sways aplenty, it’s deep house at it’s dreamlike best. It’s been released on Claude Monnet’s SSOH label, and after 20 years of a constant stream of quality electronic music, they aren’t about to start programming anything different. The EP consists of the title track ‘Ambigue’, followed by 3 remixes of said track by label boss Claude Monnet, Berlin techno demon Ian Pooley, and Bedrock man Atapy. The original is a sexy, soft, deep house number with an awesome flow, that when joined by steamy, lusty, French vocals, really is an atmospheric production of epic proportions. Atapy likes to do his things a little differently as we all know, and it’s an altogether more hard-hitting reflection with a pulsating, monstrous bassline hitting us like a hammer, and jacking samples that are providing the nails in this techno hardware session. When Ian Pooley takes control, people tend to take notice, and his play on proceedings adds another flavour to the EP, with a more progressive deep house track that maintains its sexiness and groove galore. The label boss takes us through with a groove that rides the waves incessantly, and overall it’s a fantastic release from the Parisian pantheons of techno.