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Event Review: Tech(no8) in Chicago

If you’re ever in Chicago, you simply MUST check out the Tech(no) loft series. While technically not an afterhours, these events run "late," and tend to cater to the same audience of dedicated clubgoers. Fellow afterhours junkies know that these types of events are usually an afterthought. They’re usually hastily set up in shady neighborhoods with poor sound quality, D-list talent, and an influx of club weirdos and “zombies,” around 4am. This is what makes the Tech(no) series refreshingly different. They usually open their doors around 10ish, but rarely pick up before 1:00AM. It’s put on once a month by the guys at Reverse Events, who are all solid dudes and friends of mine. I’ve been to a number of their events and each time I’m never let down. Between the professional grade sound system, dazzling light effects, and well organized security, you’d think you were in a club that just happens to stay up late. In terms of talent, Daniele Petronelli and Gaty Lopez headlined the event, with assistance from Chicago mainstays including Bucky Fargo, Jason Patrick, Meister, Twitchin Skratch, Zander, Ken Sheldon, and a surprise basement set from Animalé This most recent one was ridiculous! 3 Levels in a nondescript area of Chicago’s South Side, each with a stage and bar. Speaking of the bar, most of these places tend to be staffed by amateurs, but I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes for a drink at any Tech(no) event. Pretty damn impressive for a place that hit capacity relatively early. I know that vacation slides are in poor taste, but I'm not exactly known for my class or good taste. [gallery ids="32106,32105,32107"] I'll be flying into Chicago for their upcoming event Tech(no9), on April 18 so look forward to more reviews about this up and coming loft series.