Adam Beyer Schools us in Techno Yet Again


Adam Beyer, one of the patron-saints of the genre, has blessed us with a brand new single.

“That Would Be The Sun” is a filthy track, featuring the classic Adam Beyer “Drumcode” sound and of course a sick breakdown.

Adam Beyer – That Would Be The Sun

One of the more notable features of this track is the subtle high-pitched synth melody in the background. While barely noticeable, the melody is very creepy and gives “That Would Be The Sun” an overall darker and more menacing vibe.

As always, enjoy!


Adam Beyer

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

A die-hard trance family member and a lover of all things related to electronic music, this Oaklander lives for the times when she can let loose and dance. Maybe prone to make corny pun jokes and clichés.
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