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Boom Merchant - Overflow/Surge

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Boom Merchant’s music might stand for a lot of things, but one thing it isn’t, is boring. On the contrary, the man behind the Tribal Pulse label makes music that’s laced with attitude, whether that be through edgy soundscapes, pulverising drums or melodic bliss. In that respect, he’s again pulled a whopper EP out of the bag here alongside Kaban & DI Rugerio, on a listen that emphasises not just the Merchant’s knack for a groove, but also his astute knack for spotting up-and-coming talent.

We get going courtesy of Kaban & Di Rugerio’s ‘’Overflow’’, which is right up there with the most crazy and memorable tracks we’ve heard since the start of the new year. Filled with drama and suspense, it features echoes of both Dubfire and Ricardo Villalobos at their best, albeit an unlikely amalgamation of both styles. The drums are simply frantic and this is the sort of techno you’re likely to remember after a night out.

Boom Merchant’s ‘’Surge’’ is similarly crazy in structure. Full of zippy snyths that almost seem to fly around the speakers, it’s also crafted with melodic textures at its epicentre. A pumping track but also one that’s full of melody, it’s impressive how this one plays out and unfurls especially. The keys help give it a sense of warmth too, and all things right, this summer cut has arrived at just the right time.