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Alexic Rod - InComing EP

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Alexic Rod has a long history of banging out the breaks and is also known as Colombo. Here he offers up some new sounds that move away from that genre and more toward house and techno. He does so with a tidy two track EP that comes as the first release on the new Dichotomic label, which has been set up by the people behind the iBreaks label.

His first offering here is InComing, which is a deep and slithering bit of house with an icy hi hat line and distant turbulent synths. Vocals add a layer of freakiness to the track, and when it breaks then drives again, dance floors are sure to go off. The second and final cut here is Progress, a slightly different proposition that is more a stripped back, main room roller with jangling chords, squelchy beats and the odd vocal yelp to add some organic, party starting vibes. It is an accomplished track that rounds off a very decent EP.