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Varien is not Ancient, but he is Arcane

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Albums are rare these days, rarer are albums that aren't only the latest tunes spinning at clubs. Varien’s debut album The Ancient & Arcane takes it back to the days of meaningful, journey filled albums, mixing several genres, emotions and everything in between to create a one-of-a-kind album. Listen below and let your mind wander.

Varien – The Ancient & Arcane

The title track "The Ancient & Arcane's" melodic beginning is accentuated with beautiful vocals, setting your mind up for what is about to come. Varien shows off his amazing production style with a middle-eastern vibe before introducing you to the future bass track "Snowlight." Big bass reigns supreme in the second track but doesn’t overpower the smooth melody that makes this track one of my favorites on the album. Add in a nice acoustic guitar riff and you have a perfect track to enjoy the late night with. "Supercell" extends the experience into the visual spectrum as Varien and Monstercat accompanies the piece with a brilliant music video to match the deep room techno vibe this song is built for. The light piano melody with the deep bass will fit in any techno set that needs something to slow the mood down while keeping the vibe strong. The video and song will leave you wondering the most difficult question, “what is real?” Check out the video below. [embed][/embed] “Transmissions from Lemuria” continues the techno house vibe with a bouncey beat that will have you head-bobbing from the first second. Varien shocks everyone with a brilliant piece of piano that reminds me of the jazziest of solos. Maybe that’s why Monstercat calls this genre “Electro Swing.” It definitely has the swing vibe. Bringing the beat back down, Nick Pittsinger hypnotizes us with the next track featuring vocals from Charlotte Haining in “Hypnotique.” Piecing together elements from the trap and dubstep genres, he incorporates Mariachi guitar riffs and an oboe sound that makes me think of a romantic gondola ride in Venice. Although it may sound weird from the words, trust me, this will be one of your favorites. varien ancient and arcane album cover “Firefly” is the transition track of the album and it sounds like he might have been watching one too many episodes of the Joss Whedon show during the creation of the track (you can NEVER watch too many episodes of that show.) A final frontier vibe with a hint of western is apparent before Varien grips our heart and mind with "Kamisama." The Asian influence is absolutely stunning while the bass will shake the inner core of your soul. The breathtaking 15 seconds in the middle will restore your hope in electronic music with the blissful sound of nature and the quiet progression of the synthesizer. You won’t want the song to end. The last track on the album “Ghost Spores” features Laura Brehm on vocals and a chill vibe perfect for any mood. Piano chords strike you in the heart, vocals make your eyes close and the beat will have your body moving; it’s a perfect track to end the album. I know I’ve probably said this one too many times in this post but this is an amazing track. Everything about it is amazing. Words escape me as I’m trying to describe this song. You just have to listen to it. Nick Pittsinger (Varien) continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a musician as he adds this exceptional LP to his laundry list of productions he has worked on. His work can be seen in the movies helping with films such as Furious 7, 300: Rise of an Empire and The Purge: Anarchy along with TV shows The Walking Dead and Bones. Collaborating with big name artist Skrillex and being on tour with Pegboard Nerds, he is working on a new live setup for his future shows which should be amazing. Give Nick Pittsinger some love on his socials including Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud along with commenting below with your favorite track from the album. You can purchase The Ancient & Arcane now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp. Show some love for Monstercat below too as they continue to be a leader of introducing the world to amazing artists. You won’t want to miss out on this one.