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Review: Olerton - Trunk Sewer EP

Monday, September 14, 2015

Out now on Catch Recordings is an insane EP from duo Olerton entitled ‘Trunk Sewer’. With three original tracks alongside a stunning rework from Gerd, who appears under his Literon alias, this collection is one not to be missed by those looking for a fresh and dynamic sound. Up first is ‘Trunk Sewer’ which kicks off with an empowering techno kick and unique, mechanical whirring synths which build gradually before throwing you into a simple yet exciting tech house groove. The production is crystal clear throughout and the unique ideas that the duo throw out there combine for an extraordinary experience. Literon enters the scene with his remix soon after, picking up the pace and launching you into a darker environment from the off. Delayed synth hits reverberate around as galloping synths enter and continue to drive the production forward. Packed with industrial sounds and white noise this track isn’t for the faint hearted as it carries you across a six and a half minute brain melter of a ride. 'Tamna Strata' is stimulated by yet more unique sounds that growl and climb upwards through a repetitive melody that stays present across the majority of the track, darting around above the ferociously produced drum combination beneath. 'Prick Lane' is less of a driving techno demon compared to its predecessors however still maintains the high levels of energy creativity and flawless production, again being dominated by a scattered melodic focal point. Trunk Sewer is out now and available here.

CR006 Olerton - Trunk Sewer EP