Throwback With Some Bass from Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo

I’m embarrassed and ashamed to admit that only recently I’ve stumbled upon bass house head bitch Hannah Wants and fellow UK producer Chris Lorenzo, who’s one half of the Dirtybird crew, Cause and Affect – but I sure am happy I did find them now.

This track dates back to 2012 and its heavy bassline allows for this sound and rhythm to soar entirely throughout the entire 3:38. These two sound innovators work together simultaneously to create some pretty distinct music, and they’ve created a good amount of tunes together over the past years. Check out the video below to see their rework of Disclosure below!

I was  thrilled to find out that Hannah Wants will be one of many unbelievably talented house producers gracing one of the stages of Hard Summer this year, and I can’t wait to see her live. Go lady DJs, go!


Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth’s love for electronic music is as strong as her love for pizza. Her music taste ranges across the board as a self-proclaimed trance, deep house and dubstep snob. Living the dream in San Diego she enjoys the beach, writing and drinking champagne at all hours of the day.
Elizabeth Ninivaggi
- 3 hours ago
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