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Armin van Buuren - We Are Here to Make Some Noise

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

As we all know, Europeans are obsessed with Football.  So obsessed in fact that even Armin van Buuren is feeling inspired.  With the European Championship approaching  quickly, Armin decided to dress his new track in all orange (the same color as the uniforms of the Netherlands Football squad) and give his track an old school energy that has long been forgotten. Technology has evolved so quickly over the past decade that many of the tracks being produced today focus primarily on creating new interesting sounds and engineering them in a way that blends them together successfully.   I think that most people would agree that this is a naturally evolutionary step for EDM as creative people are constantly trying to find a way to distinguish themselves.  And Armin's new track, "We Are Here to Make Some Noise," distinguishes itself, but not in the way I have just described.  This track focuses on simplicity.  A simple melody that manages to stay interesting throughout the duration of the song and a simple structure that lends itself to a level of energy people don't easily forget.  For me this track is reminiscent of Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400."  A track which is now widely played at sporting events across the world and started as an underground trance track in Germany in 1999. Also a track very much focused on simplicity which has evolved into one of the most famous songs in electronic dance music history. Now it may be a little premature to call Armin's new track the next anthem for sporting events across the world, but this track most certainly has staying power.  I was fortunate enough to witness this track in action during Armin's three hour set at Mansion Night Club this past weekend.  Due to an innate lack of professionalism on my part, I was forced to record the opening moments with my phone.  Regardless, I have never seen a crowd go quite as crazy at the opening of an Armin show.  Check it out: [youtube id="UMKUwOtwswQ" width="620" height="360"] Now that you've witnessed the power of Armin's new anthem, listen to the real version and go pick up a copy of the track on beatport so you can rock your next party like Armin. [youtube id="GsPJ3w7D0bQ" width="620" height="360"] [button color="blue" link="" target="_blank"]Purchase on Beatport[/button]