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Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone - Nautica

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Most of us can relate to this scenario:  You've just had a terrible day.  Things aren't going your way.  It seems like every one you talk to has something to be happy about except you.  And then you get in your car, you put on your favorite CD and you start driving.  Pretty soon all your problems start to melt away.  When you get where you're going, your whole outlook has changed.  I'm not the first person to realize that  music has an incredible therapeutic power.  But I would like to be the first to bring to you a track that has the ability to change your outlook on even the worst of days.

Enter Nitrous Oxide.  Certainly one of the most talented producers on the Anjunabeats label.  The Polish producer's artist album "Dreamcatcher" was arguably the trance/progressive artist album of 2010.  His new track with label-mate Dan Stone called Nautica  is similar to some of the sounds on Dreamcatcher.  This track is DYNAMITE.  It's obvious that these  gentlemen have tremendous music prowess.   Harmony is a concept that many EDM producers think they understand but few actually achieve in the same manner as demonstrated here.

Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone - Nautica

[youtube id="sHzH8BxV6Sc" width="620" height="360"]

This track is part of the new Anjunabeats Worldwide 04 release which features huge productions from the like of Arty, Mat Zo, Boom Jinx, Norin & Rad, Super8 & Tab, and Kyau and Albert.  The first disk of the compilation is mixed by Maor Levi and the second disk is mixed by Nitrous Oxide.  I would highly suggest picking up this release as it includes the best of the best from Anjuna and the world's most promising EDM producers.  Check it out: