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Matt Davey - Nemesis/Evolution

Monday, June 25, 2012


Matt Davey's been around the scene for a while, most of his previous success has been in the progressive house arena.  But his biggest accomplishment in terms of studio production (in my opinion, of course) was just released on June 18th under Armada.  Two tracks:  Nemesis and Evolution.  Both are brilliant and obviously got the attention of Armin and his ASOT crew.  My favorite part about these tracks is that they are d what is now been dubbed "Trance 2.0."  These are classic tunes - driving bass, fast BPM, and simple well thought out melodies.

The tech mix of Nemesis is really what stands out to me in the release.  It's pretty clear that Matt Davey has a good grasp on uplifting trance.  But i was blown away by the tech remix of Nemesis.  The dark, driving bass and techy samples really contrast with Evolution, showing Matt's diversity in the studio.

It's always refreshing when a new face brings the old school instrumental trance back  to the forefront.  It makes us realize that there are still talented producers out there pursuing the melodic instrumental trance that made the genre famous.

Definitely worth picking up the tech mix of Nemesis and the original mix of Evolution.  HUGE TUNES!! [button color="blue" link="" target="_blank"]Purchase on Beatport[/button] [youtube id="FZnfxKorShU" width="620" height="360"] [youtube id="9wS6C8b_xFI" width="620" height="360"]

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