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Andy Moor - Zero Point One : Album Review

Monday, July 09, 2012

Andy Moor - Zero Point One

Grammy Nominated DJ & Producer Andy Moor’s first album, Zero Point One has finally dropped. Putting the album into my stereo the album kicks off with an intro track called “Atomospherica”. This song is very melodic almost to the point of feeling like you are auditioning for an extra in a rainy artistic commercial. Following that song next you have a track titled “November Morning”. Having been born in November personally I feel like this track captures the feeling that surrounds a cold November morning with the trance influence. After these first two solo tracks by Andy we get into collaboration section of the album. First we have “Please Forgive Me” a track he created with Nicole Mckenna, which with her vocals fits very well. The next track “Undeserved” is a song Andy did with respected vocalist Meredith Call. You might remember her from her work with Josh Gabriel under the name Winter Kills. This song was designed for her vocals and plays out very well. Up next we have a collab with producer Daniel Paul Davis. “Ordinary People”, feels like an Andy Moor track with the layered bass line and the uplifting parts, but I had to do some research on Davis as I’m not familiar with any of his other work. [youtube id="QkkmDgryYjI" width="620" height="360"] Now we have come to the point in the album that I would consider my favorite. “World To Turn” is a track Andy did with one of my other favorite producers from over the pond, Ashley Wallbridge. Ashley has been pounding out hits lately and this collaboration is nothing short of spectacular. The vocals that Gabriela provides on this track are very uplifting and put you in a spot of happiness. After a short break we move onto “Love Again” with vocalist Betsie Larkin. This track, like many others have said is a perfect summer trance track, great to get crowd moving at even the biggest EDM festivals. Rounding off the middle of the album we get a very ambient and chilled out track called “Elysian Fields”, even the name is relaxing. [youtube id="Z8qBQIB2pmE" width="620" height="360"] After a chill out track we are instantly thrown back into the world of trance with the track “Trespass”. Very uplifting, has that classic Moor sound that seems to be the theme of this album. I had a strong urge to dance while listening to this track. In contrast next up we have “Leave The World Behind” with vocalist Hysteria! Great vocals, very downtempo song that is relaxing to listen to. Following that track is one titled “In Your Arms” with Jessica Sweetman. This track goes once again back to the trance side of things and has a very dance floor vibe to it. Out of the songs thus far this one is not as much as a favorite for me. [youtube id="cEQ6or2A-cQ" width="620" height="360"] “Orbiting” a song with Orkidea is a much better track. It bangs out my speakers and fits well with the style Andy Moor is going for with this album. Truly you need to turn up your speakers so everyone nearby can enjoy this beautiful song. After catching my breath for a second I’m thrown into a track named “Tora’s Angel” which once again features vocalist Carrie Skipper. This track is chilled out and has a melodic feeling to it. Not missing a beat we continue to work with Carrie on another song titled “Story Of My Life”. Again these two songs are very relaxing and capture the feeling of being caught up in life, love and happiness. My words can’t describe the melodies, you just have to listen. Towards the end of the album we have a track called “Don’t Sound The Alarm” featuring Jeza. This track has a lot of pop influence and is a turn from the sounds you have been accustomed to in the previous tracks. I still enjoyed this song but it doesn't seem to fit the mold of the album. With that being said I did truly enjoy the following track “K Ta”. Again this track sounds like Andy Moor and takes me back to being in the middle of a crowd at the biggest trance concert. Rounding out the end of the album we have “Time Will Tell” with Stine Grove. The sounds in this song match up to something you are likely to hear at a party or inside a night club, good dance track. Finally we have the closing track “Turning Me On” with Slimmie. This track is a melodic finale track and really wraps up the feeling Andy was trying to create with this album. The vocals really provide a feeling of pleasure as the album plays out. Overall I was very impressed with Andy’s first full album. The songs Andy put on this album feel fresh and well produced. Having 18 tracks is a lot for an album so fans will feel that they got what they paid for. Do yourself a favor, pick up this album and let your ears enjoy the sounds Andy Moor has created. Trance is alive and well. [youtube id="jfcvCKw10js" width="620" height="360"]

Track list: 1. Atmospherica 2. November Morning 3. Please Forgive Me (feat. Nicole McKenna) 4. Undeserved (feat. Meredith Call) 5. Ordinary People (& Daniel Paul Davis) 6. World to Turn (with Ashley Wallbridge feat. Gabriela) 7. Love Again (with Betsie Larkin) 8. Elysian Fields (feat. Carrie Skipper) 9. Trespass (feat. Sue Mclaren) 10. Leave Your World Behind (feat. Hysteria!) 11. In Your Arms (feat. Jessica Sweetman) 12. Orbithing (with Orkidea) 13. Tora’s Angel (feat. Carrie Skipper) 14. Story of My Life (feat. Carrie Skipper) 15. Don’t Sound the Alarm (feat. Jeza) 16. K Ta 17. Time Will Tell (feat. Stine Grove) 18. Turning Me On (feat. Slimmie)

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