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Ralphie B - Face Off (Original Mix)

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Ralphie B will forever go down as one of the most iconic trance producers of all time.  He's been in the game for well over a decade and has a incredible discography of trance anthems that are enough to make your head spin.  One of his most famous songs from was featured on the first episode of A State of Trance.  This track is so timeless, remixes are still being released 10 years after the original track's debut.  It's just MASSIVE (see last track below). Ralphie has produced under several other aliases over the years: Sun Crusaders, Midway, and First State - each with it's own list of well-known, instrumental trance tracks.  He has been leaving those projects well alone recently, but it hasn't stopped him from releasing some of the most  breathtaking trance we've heard this year. Not many people these days produce tracks longer than 7-8 minutes.  But this monstrous new EP from Ralphie has two original tracks both well over 9 minutes and they are pure dynamite!  My favorite is "Face Off" - check it out. [youtube id="4u4L3qwXkHI" width="620" height="360"] The second equally monumental track is fittingly called "The Holy Grail."  This is a more melodic, classic trance tune that reminds us why we fell in love with trance in the first place. Pick up the EP, out now exclusively on Beatport, by following the link below.  Definitely worth the purchase for those of you interested in supporting incredible musical talent. [youtube id="Kn1_HomU7_8" width="620" height="360"]


Ralphie has an understanding of trance music that is only built over years and years of intense scrutiny and perfectionism.  He isn't as prolific as some of the younger producers out there, but when he decides to release a track, all the big boys sit down and listen. HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE TRACK OF 2011 is a signature Ralphie B production.  It's called Bullfrog and for those of you that haven't heard it, prepare your mind.  Listen in HD - you won't be disappointed. [youtube id="nKKFqU6VQhM" width="620" height="360"] As promised, here's the original version of Massive.  Anyone that's been listened to ASOT for a number of years will be quite familiar with this tune.  The track has been remixed by numerous big names over the years and for some reason it just never gets old.  It's no surprise that this song served as a launch point for Ralphie's career as a trance producer.  Tremendous!! [youtube id="k3uK9ls6G9o" width="620" height="360"]

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