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Bloody Beetroots & Greta Svabo Bech – Chronicles Of A Fallen Love

Monday, November 12, 2012
Daniel Taibleson


I'm a huge fan of the Gareth Emery podcast, although I am one of the people who thinks he's gone a little to dub in the past few months (something he mentioned in his last episode). So I turn on episode 208 at work last week and I'm hit with this beautiful vocal track about 3 songs in. And to tell the truth, I was more shocked to find out this track was done by the Bloody Beetroots than I have been with Gareth's turn to the dark side. The Italian duo is traditionally know for their unique sound that has been classified as a mix of Electro House and Dance Punk....Dance Punk...I don't know too many other artists that fall into that genre, which was another reason I was so surprised when I discovered they produced track featured in this article. Who out there is a Bloody Beetroots fan? Did it surprise you to hear a track like this from them? Let us know in the comments section below :)

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