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19 Hz - Cloverfield

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

19 Hz

Appearing out of obscurity Rodrigo Deem and his Cousin Dario, under the alias 19 Hz, have dropped a major bomb on us with their new track 'Cloverfield' which is being released on Enhanced as part of their two track double sided release (Cloverfield/Bakcheia). The track has been supported by all of the major podcasts including Above & Beyond's Group Therapy and The Gareth Emery Podcast. I could barely find anything about this young Argentinian duo until I stumbled across their recent interview with Enhanced (literally done 2 days ago). And another weird thing about the Enhanced site, is that it's on their news page, but there's no actually page that hosts the interview, so I can't even link you there, you just have to go to their website to read it...Well, I'll skip that for you and just paste it below :) Turns out 19 Hz is a project and both of the guys pursue their own music careers in the Trance scene. Rodrigo Under his real name, Rodrigo Deem, while Dario produces under the alias 'Airdraw'. One thing is for sure though, when these guys team up, they have amazing skill and talent when it comes to the high quality Trance music production. They even have a track from the good ol' days of TATW ep. 441...Anyways, check out 19 Hz latest 'Cloverfield' Here's the track write up and Interview from Enhanced's website: 'Cloverfield' celebrates with a liberating piano melody, built around chunky beats and ear catching side-chained chords. 'Bakcheia' supports a more progressive tech sound, hitting all the right bass hooks together with tantalising high notes and is similar to the A side in the simple but effect padded leads that drop in with force at its peak. Enhanced Music were able to catch up with the two brains behind 19 Hz to discuss their latest release on Enhanced Progressive, 'Cloverfield / Bakcheia'. Here's what the dynamic duo had to say... Hello 19 Hz. How are you guys? What's up and where are you reading this from? Rodrigo: I'm reading this from my cousin's apartment, drinking some beers. Lol Dario: At home, in the middle of making a new track! Tell the Enhanced readers a little bit about yourselves. Where are you both from? R: I was born in Pico Truncado, a small town in the south of Argentina. I've now moved to Cordoba to attend college. D: Cordoba, a province located in the centre of Argentina, full of mountains and rivers, beautiful and touristic. How long have you both been producing music for? R: I've been producing music for about 10 years, but only 6 years professionally. D: 12 years! When I started I wasn't really making Trance music, but rather experimenting with drum machines. At that time I had no access to the internet, samples, tutorial videos, VSTs, powerful DAWs or PCs with a large capacity. I basically limited myself to creating small basslines and melodies. Congratulations on your latest release, 'Cloverfield / Bakcheia', which is out now at Beatport. Can you tell us a little bit about the track and what inspired you to create it? Thanks! We wanted to create something with an explosive bassline, that's what we always wanted to do, but there were always some differences in the way we produced, until now. In these tracks, we were inspired especially by the Enhanced and Anjunabeats sound, but we always leave a personal touch in the productions. The track has had loads of support from the likes of Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin and many more. Who are you currently supporting and why? R: Since I started producing trance, my goal was to gain the support of Above & Beyond and I'm really happy that's happened, but I was also interested in other artists like Gareth Emery and Markus Schulz. Nationally I think Muska is very promising. D: I support artistic expression in general, but I'm musically tuned for that multimedia merge like Amon Tobin, or styles that integrate elements of many styles, such as Bonobo. For all the production geeks out there, can you explain your studio setup? R: The 19 Hz Studio is located at Dario's house, but I have my personal computer with FL studio and a midi controller. D: Basic: Monitors MR5, my old M Audio Ozonic, PC (I5, 4 Gb Ram). Vst/Vsti Essentials : Waves Plugs, I Ozone, Zebra2, NI Massive, Gforce Minimosta & Omnisphere. How long did it take you to create the 2 tracks? I believe Bakcheia was the one that took us longer because we took vacations in the middle, on the other hand Cloverfield was much faster approximately two weeks. As this is your debut release with Enhanced, what can we expect from 2013? Health!! And musically, keep enjoying making music. They are very pleasant hours at the Studio, and a couple more releases on Enhanced hahaha. Other than EDM, what music do you like to listen to? Can you name 3 artists you like that aren't Trance? R: I like to listen all kinds of music, from tropical music (local music) to hip-hop, but the 3 artists that really count are: 'Sigur Ros','Coldplay' and 'Led Zeppelin'. D: Actually, I listen to more traditional music such as Reggae, Funk, Soul and fusions, like Cultura Profetica, Jamiroquai, Gustavo Cerati. 3 EDM/IDM: Kiyoko, A Dancing Beggar, Sasha. Do you have any remixes / releases or upcoming gigs that we should keep our eyes open for? R: New songs on my own and 19 Hz songs too. D: An Original on Colorize, a collab with Aleksey Yakovlev and 2 new Tracks with a rookie producer called Rodrigo Deem, lol. Before we let you go, what is your favourite all time Trance classic? R: 'Binary Finary - 1998' which I had the satisfaction to remix. D: ' Moogwai - Viola (Armin van Buuren Remix)' Finally, where can fans go to 'like' / 'follow' you and keep up to date with everything going on in the world of 19 Hz? Rodrigo: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Airdraw: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Good luck for this year and beyond. We hope to see you at the next Enhanced party very soon! Thanks to all the Enhanced team!! And we would love to go to this party!!