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Fon.Leman - Heirloom

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Daniel Taibleson


Recently supported on ASOT 602 and ABGT 018, Russian Producer Fon.Leman has delivered a massive new Trance choon for us. Intricate, lighthearted, and extremely groovy, this tune is almost impossible not to dance to. [youtube id="WXPxu21Z_7M" width="620" height="360"] I have included this youtube rip of the tune solely because I was unable to find a Soundcloud version anywhere, yet. Heirloom was released on Intricate Records, a prominent Russian record label, and although I couldn't find the track on their Soundcloud either, they did put together this nice little interview with the man himself. I've included his bio below as well so you can learn a little more about Alexey Mazhaev. [youtube id="ySQGZuiZfd0" width="620" height="360"] Fon.Leman is an alias of Alexey Mazhaev from Ekaterinburg of Russia. He started to take interest in electronic music when he was 13, and soon under influence of Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Hybrid, Crystal Method in 1998 he tried himself in producing choosing breaks style using Rebirth software. After Fruity Loops appearance and gaining popularity of dance music he switched his attention to Industrial, trance and techno. Mixing genres but devoted to his very own style, Fon.Leman experiment with real sounds recorded at railway stations and construction sites. Following his style of broken beat and under influence of his friend, together they formed hip-hop project «Petra Scandale» and in 2007 recorded their first EP. Over the time of his career, Alexey get together all his music experience, and at present time using it in his favorite styles: Trance and Progressive. Most people call his music «Ibiza Style» for its deepness and transparency.