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Label Spotlight | Anjunabeats

Saturday, August 03, 2013
Erin Flemming


If you know trance, you know Anjunabeats. Or at the very least you know the men behind Anjunabeats: Above & Beyond. Boasting the latest and greatest names in trance, this label is synonymous with passion and innovation in electronic music.

How Anjunabeats got its name

The Anjunabeats label was started in 2000 by Jonathan "Jono" Grant and Paavo Siljamäki, two of the three members that comprise the trance super-group Above & Beyond. The name Anjunabeats is derived from Anjuna, the name of a beach in Goa, a city on India's Western coast. Anjuna beach is known to many as the "birthplace of trance," so it would only be fitting that one of the biggest record labels in the trance game takes inspiration from here.

Anjunabeats Talent

Seeing just a sampling of the trance talent represented by Anjunabeats on a music festival lineup would be enough to make any trance fan drool: Kyau & Albert, Mat Zo, Super8 & Tab, ArtyJaytech, Norin & Rad, Soundprank, Nitrous Oxide, Tritonal, and Above & Beyond of course. The guys behind Anjunabeats know how to spot talent, and also know what to do once they've found it. With albums, tours, merchandise, and podcasts, it doesn't take long for an unknown on the Anjunabeats label to become a staple in DJ sets everywhere. Take Arty for example, a talented young producer that has been hot on the release and tour track since he started with the label in 2010. Here's a great track and fun video from Arty and another Anjunabeats artist, Mat Zo: Artists on Anjunabeats all have their own unique sounds, but all are similar enough that a concert with all of the Anjuna family would flow smoothly and take listeners on a euphoric ride through trance. Just listening to Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Radio is a great way to get a refreshing taste of old favorites and up-and-coming songs from Anjunabeats artists. Take a listen to this episode of Group Therapy Radio and take a quick peek at the tracklist- a lot of familiar Anjuna names are featured.


And like many other record labels, a few different relatives have sprung out of the Anjunabeats family: the sub-labels Anjunadigital, Anjunadeep, and Hard On Recordings were all born to more closely fit other recording interests that didn't quite mesh with the main label. But if you're looking for an up-and-comer who truly lights up the night in the way only an Anjunabeats artist could, look no further than Ilan Bluestone. His song "Sinai," got many trance fans hooked on his enchanting tracks, and it's only gotten better since. Here's one of his latest tracks, "Under My Skin." Who are your favorite Anjunabeats artists? What are some of your favorite tracks from the label? Let us know in the comments section below!