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Coldplay - See You Soon (Simon Patterson Remix)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Christina Hernandez

"See You Soon" is a classic Coldplay song and one of my favorites. The song itself is very tranquil and acoustic, with Chris Martin's golden voice singing a melancholy yet hopeful melody mirrored in the lyrics:

"In a bullet-proof vest With the windows all closed I'll be doing my best I'll see you soon In a telescope lens And when all you want is friends I'll see you soon"

simon patterson

Above are the lyrics to the chorus of this beauty. Enter in Simon Patterson and this remix becomes an airy and lovely trance piece! Patterson samples the vocals from the chorus and adds his own trance twist on it, featuring light ethereal synths, a simple chord progression in a minor key to highlight Chris Martins voice melody, and some strong kicks that will get you to dance to it in no time. Thanks again to this trance legend for creating yet another lovely remix of an already great song!

Coldplay - See You Soon (Simon Patterson Remix)