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The Only Good Thing Tiesto Has Done For Me In Months

Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Daniel Taibleson


The only good thing Tiesto has done in months was remind me that all of his old Tiesto Club Life podcasts are still available on itunes. My good buddy John, the guy who built this site, used to play Club Life episode 60 when I'd I go over to his place in Seattle. The first song on the podcast is one of those songs, there's something about it, like it's totally immersive, sucking me in and truthfully, I've probably listened to it over 50 times today. Every time it ends, I just keep restarting the podcast. What song is it you ask? Well, I'll answer that question with another question: has Adam K ever made a bad track? Okay, well, yes, he probably has.


But this Adam K. & Soha Remix of Adam K.'s original mix You're Not Alone just moved into my top 25 tracks of all time. I feel like this track would be perfect for any setting. Party, lounge, beach, pool, car, flight, all of the above! This is the kind of track that I would show my mom when I'm trying to help her understand what DANCE music is. Because even she would feel this.

Adam K. - You're Not Alone (Adam K. & Soha Remix)

I found an article from 2008 previewing (and perhaps giving away a free download) of this track. Looking for a Adam K mix on youtube? Look no further