OceanLab – Satellite (Mind Funk Remix)

OceanLab - Satellite (Mind Funk Remix)

I felt like this was an important track for us to review as music critics. There are a lot of interesting elements to the composition of the track worth discussing as well as the decisions of the producers choices in their attempt to remix such an illustrious original. 

It’s a bold move to remix OceanLab, because it’s almost impossible to top the original, and there have been so many attempts over time that if you’re going to give it a go, it better be damn good, or damn different.OceanLab - Satellite (Mind Funk Remix)

This Mind Funk remix is a bit of both.

It has a rough start, really aggressive, almost like Markus Schulz playing  Jerome Isma-ae in a live set. And I wasn’t sure if the vocals were going to work at first, but this is a very 2.o track, so the entire feeling changed before coming back and merging to first two vibes into one mega rock out session. (Think Norin & Rad or Mat Zo).

I played this remix on my computer at home and two of my roommates asked me what remix this was, they said it was “Interesting.” I think it’s extremely interesting as well. By no means is it perfect, but it’s different, and it works.

It’s one of the most original remixes I’ve heard of Satellite so I give the Mind Funk’s a lot of credit for that, and their idea for the overall sound of the track is definitely there! It makes me dance, what else can I say, isn’t that the goal of a great dance track? I think they did a great job, giving time for mixing in and mixing out if you want to work this into a DJ set, and structurally you know where the big drops are going to come.

I would be interested to hear this song with some original vocals. I almost think it could be better that way, but I see the allure in attempting to use such a classic well-known track, it definitely caused me to click on it.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

OceanLab – Satellite (Mind Funk Remix)

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