Markus Schulz feat Lady V – Erase You

Markus Schulz has unveiled this haunting masterpiece a few times on his Global DJ Broadcast radio show and it is now available for purchase as a part of his entire Scream 2 album which can be bought on itunes for 9.99. The track is dark and melodic, exactly what Schulz fans want from the unicorn slayer, but the lyrics really steal the show, which tends to be the case with vocal trance tracks!


Shout out to Lady V, or Victoria Horn, for laying down some super emotional lyrics. It sounds a bit like she’s saying “e-raise you” instead of e-RACE you…oh well! Still a beautiful track. Horn is a song writer by trade and if you check out her Wikipedia page you’ll see she’s worked with everyone from Antillas and Armin Van Buuren to Katy Perry and Wynter Gordon. Not to mention her GRAMMY FOR THIS TRACK:

She even won a Billboard Latin Dance Award for her work on Enrique Iglesias’ track feat. Kelis – “Not in Love.” But if you want to listen to that one you’re going to have to look it up for yourself 😛 Either way, she’s probably one of the most accomplished female vocalists in the EDM game right now, something she wasn’t really into initially. You go girl.

Now, ladies & gentlemen, the reason we’re all here…

Markus Schulz feat Lady V – Erase You


Verse 1
While you sleep
I’m still wide awake
My minds a maze and I can’t escape
It’s a endless dance cos I know
I can’t erase you

Every street
Leads me back to you
And every windows has lost its view
It’s a endless dance cos I know can’t
erase you

Staring at the moon all I see is a white Mirrorball
The silence is a symphony playing with no sound at all
Cos you stole the/my light like a thief in the night
Standing on a dark empty stage and I can’t
erase you

Verse 2
The sun won’t shine
when you’re in its way
The colours fade and all turn to grey
It’s a endless dance cos I know can’t
erase you

Your words, take over my words
Your thoughts, turn into my thoughts
Your eyes-
change everything I see
Your touch, burnt into my skin
Your love, lingers like poison
Your heart
beats like a drum in me


Nifra is coming out with a remix 🙂

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