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"Cry Wolf" and Its Fresh Remix Pack!

Released mid-December 2013, "Cry Wolf" was a clutch release from Cold Rush on Black Sunset Records and we covered it!. The powerful anthem featured the beautiful voice of Tiff Lacey, pictured here in an epic fashion.Tiff Lacey hot The killer "Cry Wolf" remix pack was released on Beatport last week and I am a huge fan of every track. Here's the comprehensive breakdown:   Jeremy Van Caulart: Artist info: "For as long as he can remember, Jeremy Van Caulart’s life has revolved around music... He began composing industrial/EBM, as well as more cinematic pieces... That all changed when, on October 18th of 2004, tragedy struck. A close friend was murdered, shearing a new and intense emotional facet into the landscape of Jeremy’s life. At around the same time, Jeremy discovered Trance music - a genre that he felt truly connected with his life and his soul. It was this music which proved to be the emotional outlet that brought him back into stability... He’s earned a diploma with honours in post-production audio engineering, and has begun to truly realize his ambition with his own label, Black Sunset Music." Also, Jeremy is a resident of New Brunswick, Canada. jeremy-van-caulart What I think: A thoughtful and dark scene is painted with some gorgeous mid frequency bass work during the intro. Beautiful pads and white noise lead into the amazing vocals of Mrs. Tiff Lacey. The saw-synth filters in during  the buildup, evolves and turns the heat way up! The release is Red-Hot! The rhythm of the lead synth drive me absolutely bananas! Reminds me of Armin's domination leads. Layered with not only reverb and delay, but also nasty bass to satisfy every last desire.   Josh Evans: Josh Evans chillinArtist info: From his bio, "One word that is consistently being used to describe Josh Evans' style is simply "smooth". His mix of progressive and vocal trance conjures up euphoric vibes and creates a magnetic atmosphere in any venue... His first festival debut was at Insomniac Events' renowned Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, after winning the 2012 Discovery Project competition... His debut EP, "Flight", was released on RMS Records. The title track was even played on W&W's Mainstage show." What I think: A playful intro with a deep, side-chained synth line followed by a chunky kick & bass with the vocals over top. The breakdown was definitely focused more around the thoughtfulness of the vocals. After a relatively short break and buildup, the release hits! Stomp! Stomp! Percussive and punchy, the mid and low basses take center-stage with the HF bass occasionally popping up to add dirt.   Dan Chase: Dan Chase seriousArtist info: "Dan Chase is an up-and-coming electronic musician based in Toronto with a great passion for creating good music...As a self-taught artist, he put countless hours of effort into learning and developing skills as a musician, both technically and creatively... In 2012, Dan released his first EP "Elements" on Toronto's new record label BlackSunset Music...In March of 2013, he was hired to DJ at Miami's Winter Music Conference which was his first taste of international DJing... Music has become a lifestyle for Dan, and he wont stop until his music is pounding the speakers of clubs world-wide." What I think: Bouncy and fun! The key to a great track is a great drum kit, and this one is no exception. Dan Chase did a good job selecting and processing the drums. Like sun through a rainy cloud, a warm piano grants hope through an otherwise dreary string line. The vocal work is solid but certainly not in focus compared to the festive lead that closely follows. Ferry Corsten comes to mind with the drop in this track, bouncy and fun is just how I would describe it.   Mixail: Artist info: "Growing up in culturally-rich Russia, a setting that inspired the powerful melodies and complex rhythms in his Trance music, producer/performer Michael Malahin is the key figure behind the Mixail Project... His no. 1 hit track “Plazma” has been performed twice in a row in Armin’s weekly selection, an achievement garnered by few and respected by many... now Mixail along with other producers at Black Sunset Music have a special 5-hour set on the station [] on the second Sunday of each month."MixailNewAge What I think: Industrial! Heavy-as-shit with pounding bass and gorgeous vocals laying on top. We drop into an almost A Perfect Circle style slowed-down beat. The break gives the vocals most of the real-estate but maintains the filtered synth in the background. Hardstyle makes a cameo appearance with major influence on the lead, if only it was 155 bpm but wait! The drop is freaking ham! I don't know about you, but I raged to this track for about a week - until I realized I still hadn't written about it. Full and bold, with a strong tonal presence the release bursts into what I would call an avalanche, destroying everything in it's path. Ultimately, I think these artists did an amazing job giving this beautiful song several new perspectives to be enjoyed by all.