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Thomas Coastline's "Takedown" Took Me Down!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Thomas Coastline, or Tomas Malina, is about to unleash a massive tune that's going to absolutely destroy dance-floors. March 24th, Infrasonic Records will release this electric bass frenzy which will always have a place in my sets and my heart. I know I say this a lot but I can't get enough of this track! The Original "Takedown": So good right? From the very beginning you know it's gonna be good. The break doesn't disappoint but what's really clutch is the drop. Oh god those thumping bass lines! Ready to wreck everything in sight. The Mike Van Fabio Remix: Mike Van Fabio's take is much more conservative, focusing on the raw melody and the power of attack synths. What could possibly improve upon the original? Here's your answer. Thomas CoastlineArtist Info: Tomas' bio is full of information but it was pretty encrypted due to an obvious language barrier. Getting the idea to produce in the first place from school, he worked hard on tracks with his friends under the name Bass Detect. After some years Tomas performed his first festival, he was 19 and after that started his own radio show with the Crossryders called "Numark Dance Conference". His career really took off when the label Redux picked him up and released "After Hour" which was widely accepted by M.I.K.E., Daniel Kandi and Armin on ASOT. After that has been many compilations and EP's under esteemed Black Hole Recordings and a couple originals on Terminal4 which was later absorbed by Black Hole Recordings. Pretty soon I hope to see Thomas Coastline at every music festival around the world.