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"Long Way Home" - a Great New Single on Gareth Emery's Drive Album

Monday, March 10, 2014
Katherine O'Harra

Gareth Emery has become a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music industry since the 2010 release of his album Northern Lights. In his posting of the track "Long Way Home" on his Soundcloud account, Gareth wrote that it was his favorite of upcoming sophomore album Drive. The track is an uplifting, progressive trance melody. When I first heard it, I felt my mood instantaneously improve. This is a mind-clearing, stress-erasing, feel good track that I can't take off repeat. The album, set to release on April 1st, was inspired by a road trip that Emery took with his wife, Kat, from New York to Los Angeles last year. Emery wrote, "...taking in Route 66 and numerous ghost towns, deserts, mountain passes, dirt roads etc, and I came up with the melody for this one towards the end, somewhere in the Mojave Wilderness as we finally made it into California, the setting sun of the West in the distance. A long way from home, and still fairly far from our final destination, but the end was in sight. And that's the moment the track basically came to describe. It isn't really a club banger, or a club track. It's just something I felt like writing." I can't think of a more heart-felt and beautiful inspiration for a song. Gareth released the full tracklist of the album last month, featured here: 1. Entrada 2. Dynamite (ft. Christina Novelli) 3. Eye of the Storm (ft. Gavin Beach) 4. Javelin (ft. Ben Gold) 5. Beautiful Rage (ft. LJ Ayrten) 6. Million Years (ft. Asia Whiteacre) 7. Firebird 8. Soldier (ft. Roxanne Emery) 9. Lights & Thunder (ft. Krewella) 10. U (ft. Bo Bruce) 11. Long Way Home 12. Layers [Bonus Track] 13. Drive (Continuous Mix) The artist is big into family, creating the track "Soldier" with his sister Roxanne, whom he has worked with previously. The album also features Christina Novelli, the voice of the immensely popular Emery track "Concrete Angel." Gareth released "U" featuring the incredible vocals of Bo Bruce (featured below) a month ago. The track is beautiful, inspiring, and heart-felt. If the rest of the album is anything like "U" and "Long Way Home," I can't wait for the release. The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes.