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Big Room Trance Exists

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Prepare yourself.

This one's a face melter. But who better to bestow this big-room Trance reconstruction on us than legend and unicorn slayer, Markus Schulz. I heard this track on the last couple of #GDJB episodes but wasn't able to find it anywhere. I did a little digging and eventually found a decent rip to upload to soundcloud, I hope you enjoy! My advice for this track? Go to one minute in, turn it up, I'll provide the lyrics right below, and just belt this one in the car. In all seriousness, I give this track a 9 out of 1o, you should really listen.

Thomas Mengel Feat. Aero - Seeking (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)


I'm wide awake

In the light

See the stars 

Shine bright 

I feel your breath

but you're not here

In your touch 

I disappear

I'm dreaming 

I'm seeking for the sky 

I'm reaching 

For the stars above my eyes


(everyone goes crazy!)

These are the kind of gogo dancers I would expect to be on stage when Markus plays this track...


The Original 

Thomas Mengel's original version, released on High Contrast Recordings, is super solid as well, but takes an electro route with the drop.

And you know how I feel about electro......


Still, it's worth listening to.

If nothing else, solely for the purpose of juxtaposition.

And if you DJ I'm sure you'll find it useful for those frat parties.

Markus really comes to the rescue by taking this one deeper and darker.

Check out the original below and let me know in the comments section which version you liked better. Comment with the most likes wins.