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Monoverse "Ascends" into EDM

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Katherine O'Harra

23-year-old Santos Torres, aka Monoverse, released "Ascend" and "Mobile" on Infrasonic Records last month. Since then, the New Jersey native has received recognition and play by top producers, including Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, and Max Graham. Monoverse produces mostly trance and progressive house, adding his own flare to each genre. His own style is showcased in both original tracks. "Ascend" does exactly what its name suggests, right from the beginning. Torres mixes uptempo base with a unique blend of melodic sounds. It ascends and descends several times, with each ascending sound better than the last. If you're feeling down, this song will certainly brighten your mood. "Mobile" starts out lighter, with a less heavy bass and synthesized vocals. It builds to an incredible trance sound mobilizes the mind, body and soul.


In addition to original productions, Monoverse offers listeners a slew of remixes and some of his favorite tracks on his twice monthly radio podcast Monoverse Radio. The mixes show Monoverse's talent as a live producer. Recently, Torres began the development of his own label Amped Artists, which showcases new and unique artists. A big thank you to Sam Storch, fellow OTB writer, for introducing me to such an incredible new artist! Santos Torres is a producer to look out for.