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ReOrder with a Massive Edit on AirBURN!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

reorder-promoEstonia's own Airborn and his track "AirBURN" have been given the ReOrder treatment (Tune of the Week-ASOT 651). Silent Shore Recordings published this stunning 138 edit along with the instrumental and club mix about a month ago on Soundcloud but it just recently hit Beatport. That being said, some of you Soundcloud fans won't think this is new but I'm here to spread the love anyway. Huge can only begin to describe it! You will want to hear this: Juicy saw bass with an awesome phase/pan coupled with a tough yet warm kick sound. Fading, as if drifting into space, we are calmly let into the breakdown which is just so amazing. I love the filtered synth and dynamic percussion hits. With every repetition of the pounding riff, the temperature rises. The build up is just the final destination before the boiling point and with a nasty growl explodes with awesome energy that can truly be found at 138+.reorder-logo The big-room/electro influences on this track have not at all degraded ReOrder's ability to make anything awesome. I love triplets! The way the instruments dance around the waltzy rhythm just gets me so hyped. Reverb, delay, expansion and a perfect pluck is all you need on top of some super-phat bass and 808 kicks. Semjon shades 1Some background information on Airborn. From the country of Estonia, Semjon Gurei (Simon G) and Andrew Firssov (Tetrazone) formed the group in spring of 2011. Boldy holding his head high about the standards he uses to pick tracks "If music is not blowing up or kept in mind, it must be deleted" and this is what he says his principle is "in creating playlist[s] for the sets and all 0f my tracks as well."