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Lustral's Upcoming Album "Empathy"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The UK-based project Lustral, duo of Richard Louis Simmonds and Stephen Christopher Jones, decided long ago they would focus on musicality and this album is a shining example of that. They are going for a "timeless" piece and I have no doubt that "Empathy", showcasing pure compositions and dedicated vocalists - Ricky Simmonds, Abigail Bailey, and Laura Jenkins will never be outdated. I will show you the 5 minute preview first. Then, at the end of the article, you have more or less full versions of "When The Angels Miss Your Call" and "I Feel You" along with a special bonus track "Once Again."

3 Track Preview from Empathy

5 minute journey, you ready? Starting with "When The Angels Miss Your Call", we set off. Moody and thought-provoking the beautiful vocals take us away. Full of words so close to home, accompanied by such a soothing piano, only to get beefed by confidently pounding toms. I love the natural vibe here! "So Lonely" starts in with a slow & funky bass-line and an intriguing vocal sample that tells the story of a lonely man. The vocalist of this track is working a very confident but tamed angle when it comes to performance. Complete with an eerie xylophone chord progression and almost trip-hop feel (see Sneaker Pimps). "I Feel You" is a rocky, moving track that has an almost country-pop groove to it. It even has a guitar! The hook though, so catchy I find myself humming it. Lustral Mugshot   Go support Lustral, like their page and look forward to a bright future!     Now as promised, here are the longer versions:

"Once Again"

"I Feel You"

"When The Angels Miss Your Call"

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