Seneta Keeps Trance Alive

We all know that humpday is bittersweet, so brighten up your Wednesday with some uplifting trance from this newcomer, Seneta.

It’s hard to find unique sounds in trance these days, but I was lucky enough to stumble across this 21-year-old from Galway, Ireland native’s Soundcloud page and was blown away by this complex track that brings you back to the early 2000’s trance that we all remember and love. This young guy pumps out everything from free remixes of Above and Beyond to original tracks that give us hope that good trance is still alive and well.


Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth’s love for electronic music is as strong as her love for pizza. Her music taste ranges across the board as a self-proclaimed trance, deep house and dubstep snob. Living the dream in San Diego she enjoys the beach, writing and drinking champagne at all hours of the day.
Elizabeth Ninivaggi
- 5 hours ago
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