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The Thrillseekers & Sam Mitcham Revive Classic Trance

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Pedro Garcia

The Thrillseekers (aka Steve Helstrip) has collaborated with Sam Mitcham to bring "All The Little Things," and it sounds like a trance song that come out of 2001, which is a good thing. In the last few years I've been straying from trance due to it sounding unoriginal, and the birth of the "big room" sound that many DJs have added to their repertoire. So it's pretty rare when a new trance track grabs my attention like this one did. It doesn't hurt that it has a classic trance sound to it, which I'm a sucker for since I grew up on trance. "All The Little Things" has all the elements that make a trance song great: a sweeping melody, classic trance synths and operatic vocals. It also has an amazing break down that really gets into you, and a buildup that doesn't have all the excess junk that most trance songs have now. The sound and structure of the song is very reminiscent of classic Thrillseekers' tracks. It's already been supported by Armin Van Buuren on ASOT, and The Thrillseeker's own podcast, Nightmusic. I believe that this track is a great stepping stone for up-and-comer Sam Mitcham's career, and a strong statement of nonconformity from The Thrillseekers. Although the track hasn't been released, there's a preview of it on YouTube, and it's enough to irritate you for there not being a full version of it... yet.