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Sound Quelle with Max Mayer - Volga/Mallet

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monster LogoNew and upcoming from Monster Pure Records, Sound Quelle teams up with Max Mayer for a huge 2-track EP. "Volga/Mallet" is  massive release from two consistent yet underrated producers. Sound Quelle is the alias of Valery Lebedev from Tolyatti in southern Russia (near Kazakhstan) who has released his work on Armada, Black Hole and Enhanced and received radio and live support from the best DJs in the bizz...


Warm vibes to start, phasing synths with a funky rhythm set a groovy mood. Airy yet powerful, a satisfyingly strong kick layered with the gorgeous play between vocal samples and full saw-synths creates an almost flying feeling. This track is what I call carefree uplifting! Here's a fun fact: "Volga" in Russian is not only a river but also a make of car.


Ultimate Warrior"Mallet" is obviously quite more aggressive. The Jekyll to "Volga's" Hyde. The break will prove deceptively calming but eventually the snare and angry man saying "Drop the Beat" will clue you into what's coming. Starting out huge, yet still slightly reserved, the drop develops into an absolutely amazing combination of high-frequency plucks, stacked mid-range bass-synths and nasty growls. Following the 2014 trance sound popularized by talented folks at Anjunabeats, Sound Quelle is sure to light up the dance floors and radio stations with is own tasteful blend of uplifting trance. Buy Sound Quelle's music and like his Facebook and Soundcloud pages to show support for the underdogs!