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Tenishia Builds "A New Dream" For You And I!

jonathan-mendelsohn-singing Trance powerhouse Tenishia comes at us with a new uplifting track featuring the renowned vocals of Jonathan Mendelsohn. Tenishia is the dynamic duo of Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar from the small island country of Malta on the Mediterranean. From what their bio says, Joven had DJ experience while Cyprian had a classical ear. Malta They met through a friend and, after what I'm sure was more than a few strong ones, in a "small bar" they decided to make music. That's what I call a coincidence. The two obviously gelled because their Beatport page is covered with releases, most of which are on major prints. Tenishia Sexytime The first thing that comes to mind is how hard-hitting the synths are. When Mendelsohn's smooth voice is added to the mix, the outcome is nothing short of spectacular. As we have experienced with Dash Berlin and the 2013 hard-dance hit "Imaginary" by Brennan Heart, Jon has that anthem voice. The whole track is "crisp" from bottom to top. As read from their bio, Tenishia signed their first production to Armada in 2005 followed by "Outsiders," "Reasons to Forgive" and "Invisible" with Kirsty Hawkshaw. These tracks landed Tenishia smack-dab in the heart of trance-land, chosen as the "One for the Weekend" on BBC One and even being introduced on-stage by Armin himself. According to Tunishia's bio, getting such huge support "led to a whole revolution of a Club DJ on the island of Malta by inspiring young talents and already established DJs into music production." It's truly amazing what music can do for our society. Tenisha Live 2 "A New Dream" by Tenishia truly moved me as I hope it did you. Support Tenishia here and don't forget to check out the OTB Soundcloud for new live sets and tracks!