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Beat Service & Ana Criado - So Much Of Me Is You

Friday, April 25, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

beat-service-ana-criado-so-much-of-me-is-you These two artists just can't go wrong when it comes to making Trance. Beat Service and Ana Criado have worked together before on tracks like Whisper and most recently Beat Service's remix of Bobina and Ana's For who I amIf you do a search on OTB for "Beat Service," you're going to find nothing but top notch Tangers (Trance Bangers), and this track is no exception.  The amount of emotion that this track is able to evoke in me, for literally no reason besides listening to it, is what makes Trance my favorite genre. I can't listen to music that doesn't make me feel anything. And that's what OTB is all about. Music that makes you feel something, music that can change your life. I've written about the complexities of edm composition before (Is Avicii a DJ?), but at the end of the day: [funky_quote ] I'm moved by things that move me. [/funky_quote] And I hope you are too. The track below is beautiful, like all music should be. If you listen to it and find yourself disagreeing with me, let me know why. Because it's artists like Beat Service and Ana Criado that deserve our recognition, and I'm still trying to figure out why they aren't getting it.

Beat Service & Ana Criado - So Much Of Me Is You

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