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"Flying Higher" and the Epic Return of SoundLift!

Monday, May 05, 2014

soundlift-logoPortuguese producer SoundLift returns from an almost 2 year hiatus to bring "Flying Higher" to the community.  Following what can only be called by some as a 'dramatic exit,' SoundLift made a strong stand against the superficiality of today's EDM enthusiasts, then flew off the radar for over a year only  appearing in some live performances. soundlift-promo-pose-picHowever,  after the break the AboraRecordings artist SoundLift brought out a few tracks, but it was "Freedom" which immediately got world-wide support. The follow-up, "Flying Higher" might just take it a step higher. Listen to it and try to not feel like you're flying. Almost like thunder the mood is set for something epic. Majesty to match the mountains, tranquility of the ocean... This is trance! Percussive synths build us up with pure uplifting sounds, but not without a super-cool phasey fill right before the release. All of a sudden, we take flight! Arpeggiated synths and side-chain compression (at an appropriately high bpm) create a perfect image of a bird soaring into the sky. abora-recordingsCompletely self-taught, Pedro Martins (AKA SoundLift) has made emotionally buzzing tunes along with working as A+R at AboraRecordings for 2011 and 2012. He wrote, played and now he's not only been essential in the progress and establishment of Abora as a label but he is also honing his art during what is being called an "electronic music revolution" in Portugal.Portugal-Flag I'm absolutely thrilled to see the world embracing this new musical era, one nation at a time. This is a great age to live in and we should all be grateful to be a part of the biggest and most energetic paradigm shift since rock and roll! Support SoundLift and Abora Recordings so that they can continue to bring you the beautiful uplifting tunes you love so much!