Jaytech – Megastructure

If Jaytech was an architect, he’d be the guy building mile-high megastructures in Dubai.

This specific track, Megastructure, is part of his latest 2 track EP MEGASTRUCTURE / EARTHBOUND released on Anjunabeats at the beginning of April.

Just like the megastructures in Dubai, Jaytech’s music is unavoidable. If you have good taste in music, you’re ears are bound to come into contact with one of his productions. Anyone with an interest in architecture or megastructures is going to be aware of the insanely futuristic buildings being constructed in Dubai. And anyone with an interest in Trance is aware of Jaytech’s unique sound.


Megastructure is just another feather in Jaytech’s already decorated hat. Take a listen below and remember you can always find this track on our Soundcloud page.

Jaytech – Megastructure 

Jaytech posted on his facebook May 2nd (see below) that he has a new track coming out on May 26th, a collaboration with Super 8 & Tab called Code Red. The two just wrapped up their Code Red Tour across North America in promotion of the new collaboration.

Jaytech has a monthly podcast that is definitely worth checking out. Below is the latest episode of the Jaytech Music Podcast (episode 076)

And just because, here is an awesome GIF of someone doing a base jump from the Burj Khalifa Pinnacle.

dubai base jump

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