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Nikgen - Gambit (Moodies & Anni Massaceur remix)

Saturday, May 24, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

I might have found the song of the Summer. Well, I didn't find it, I heard it on Stoneface and Terminal's April episode of Euphonic sessions. But Moodies & Anni Massaceur, a brand new trio out of Ostrava, Czech Republic, seem digitally undiscovered. Relatively new social media accounts, low follower counts, and only 184 plays on the best track I've heard all month. I am NOT Kidding! This is one of the best tracks I've heard all month. I wish you could have seen me in the car doing the Taibleson hand dance (my hands tend to freak out and move to the beat when I'm in a state of trance...anyone else? No? okay moving on). TURN THIS ONE UP and be prepared to be injected with early evening party energy. This track is proof that Trance can fit any setting and does the job warming up a room. I would open my set with this track...Kind of like Stoneface and Terminal did...

Nikgen - Gambit (Moodies & Anni Massaceur remix)

moodies & Anni Massacecur I thought it would be interesting to include the original mix from Nikgen, a young Russian producer, just so you can see the work that Moodies & Anni Massaceur put into this remix.

Nikgen - Gambit