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What happens when worlds collide

Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

What happens when worlds collide? 

No I'm not talking about Powerman 5000. Once again, I'm pleasantly surprised at the power and ability of dance music to cross borders and connect us with other like minded individuals. It's crazy to think about how this track (and so many edm tracks) might have been created. All three of the artists involved come from completely different continents. The original producer Zaxx from South Africa, the vocalist Dustin Allen from the USA, and the remix duties where done by Chris Schweizer in Argentina. It makes you take a step back and think about how the creation of the internet and the growing popularity of dance music seem to go hand in hand. We didn't know better was out we do...and no one can stop it. tumblr_mpx2ihtB211r31yxqo1_500 And thank god, because no offense, but the original track isn't anything I'd share with you here on Only The Beat. Double thank god for Argentine Trance sensation Chris Schweizer. (When I say thank "god" I'm referring to Armin Van Buuren. Just had to throw that out there...). Schweizer was able to use Dustin Allen's vocals and make something out of nothing. Whatever Schweizer did with the beginning of this remix sounds fu*kin BAD ASS.  Press play, I bet you like it. Zaxx ft. Dustin Allen - Worlds Collide (Chris Schweizer Remix)

Zaxx ft. Dustin Allen - Worlds Collide (Chris Schweizer Dub) 

This track never gained much traction, but I'd like to to think that's due to lack of exposure. I heard the track on International departures but the label that signed the track only has 30 followers on Soundcloud. Not sure how that happens, or why Chris would agree to release the dub that way, I would have just said "PEACE" and released it as a bootleg (Free DL), but I guess this is a business, and sometimes we don't make the best business decisions. Don't worry, that's why music blogs exist, to uncover this stuff for ya ;) worlds collide