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Stoneface & Terminal with Ronski Speed & Synthea - Yuma

Saturday, June 07, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Stoneface & Terminal with Ronski Speed AND Synthea?!?! All on one track?! I was driving up the 51 last night in Phoenix about 12 minutes into Group Therapy when a song came on that gave me THE FEELING. As a music blogger there are times when a song will come on and I get THE FEELING. My adrenaline starts pumping, my head starts bobbing uncontrollably to the beat, and my fingers automatically move to the volume knob. Both Stoneface & Terminal and Ronski Speed have been responsible for THE FEELING many times. Stoneface Terminal with Ronski Speed Synthea Yuma Euphonic

Stoneface & Terminal with Ronski Speed & Synthea - Yuma

This was the only place I could find the track right now, a brand new upload ripped from Group Therapy, only 24 hours old. I could make my own rip of the full track from the podcast and upload it to soundcloud...but I wouldn't want to get OTB kicked off Soundcloud again would I.

Be Different 

Stoneface & Terminal is currently in the studio putting the final touches on their latest Album Be Different set to release in early July 2014. The two producers are practicing what they preach as they continue to differentiate themselves from other electronic artists by carving out their own unique progressive Trance sound. If you listened to Yuma and you're familiar with Stoneface & Terminal, then you know just how talented this duo is, and how powerful their productions really are. stoneface & Terminal be different If you're a member of the #TranceFamily, I'd love to hear from you in the comments about your favorite Stoneface & Terminal tracks. They ARE the best remixers in the Trance genre so feel free to include remixes in the those comments :) [Tweet "#BeDifferent "]