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Jason Van Wyk & Audien - Someday

Monday, June 09, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Nothing new here, just another track from 2011 that solidifies Audien's genius. Not to mention, a track that sent me on hunt for more information about Jason Van Wyk, who actually has quite the interesting story, and new album. And the video that goes with the track? Super powerful. Where was I when this track was released and how have I not posted it on OTB yet? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was so upset with myself for missing out on this track for so long I decided to go back in time and investigate what I was doing the day Someday came out. The first thing I did was search Jason Van Wyk, which led me down a completely different rabbit hole we can talk about another time. I eventually got to his Soundcloud page where I found a 4 minute clip of the 7 minute long song along with a link to the track on beatport. I went to the track on beatport where I found the release date. April 4, 2011. Someday was released First State's Label. He also provided a remix which I've included at the bottom, but I couldn't hear much of a difference, just sounds like he sped up the bpm a bit. April 4, 2011. What was I doing on April 4, 2011? I'll check my twitter! There is a search function in twitter that allows you to request a full record of all your tweets (found in settings); unless you'd rather scroll... Twitter-_-Settings-600x236 And what found.....smh Listen to the song and read what I wrote below, and then I promise I'll show you what I tweeted on April 4, 2011.

Jason Van Wyk & Audien - Someday This is embarrassing. A bit like reading a diary or if you're familiar, the Get Mortified Documentary. It's where people get up in front of other people are read their diaries from childhood, revealing their deepest darkest secrets. Some funny, some just super intense or sad, but as someone who's always written, I understand the value of being able to look back at your writing and learn...about yourself. Our writing almost always relates to a period in time, and more narcissistically, a time in our life. Time flies, and although we remember both highs and lows, we sometimes forget about all the stuff that happens in the middle. The stuff that really truly makes us who we are. The things we did everyday. The place we stood and waited for the school bus. The seat we sat in everyday...the same seat. The best friend we met in the seat across from us, and the friendship that developed. There are always little clues sprinkled into the seemingly meaningless ranting of the chicken scratch on the pages of a diary. The clues might not solve a mystery or help us save the world from aliens...but we do uncover something, and it's even more powerful than we could have ever imagined, our greatest teacher: our memories.

Jason van Wyk & Audien - Someday (First State Remix) Music has a way of leaving more than just lasting impressions, but deeply ingrained memories. Of love. Of hate. I believe there's a song for every occasion, don't you?
  April 4, 2011 I Retweeted Voldermort... And apparently I thought it would be intelligent to tweet this..
  Being able to put a timestamp on your thoughts and feelings through writing combined with the correlation of a physical location and location in time is a powerful experience. Memories. An experience I think music does an excellent job of heightening. Excuse me while I fall asleep to the thousands of memories that are now flooding back from my senior year of college, courtesy of the 106 characters (with spaces) in those tweets.