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Afternova teaches us about creating music for films

Henning B, better known to the trance community as Afternova is a Norwegian film score composer who happens to also write amazing trance. If you're like me, you have no idea what truly goes into film music composition (but like to think you do), Henning has a solution - Life of a Film Music Composer.
"The role of music in films is to accompany and underline the picture. The music should not be the center of attention. Consequently, the tonality, themes, rhythm and tempo should all reflect what happens on the screen."
"A tune with a good sound picture without a strong melodic content is like watching a movie with spectacular effects, but without a decent plot. It soon becomes boring..." from his Abora Recordings bio makes clear his approach on writing music - thoughtful and meaningful. I had the chance to ask Henning some questions that were really itching me, starting with the track that just released on Beatport today. "Together We Are Strong started out as an orchestral track. The track is a tribute to those people who never let you down - the people who are always there for you and support you when life is tough or particularly challenging." "I've always tried to have my own style" said Afternova when asked what artists inspire him, "You want to play with people's feelings so that they will listen to your music again and again. That is a true measure of quality and success." His label Time Leap Records, which launched a year ago will focus on not only trance but also orchestral music, which is a first. "Orchestral music appeared roughly around the 17th century during the Baroque period, whereas the trance genre was founded in the 1990's; hence, the name Time Leap Records." Although there won't be any other artists featured on this label, Henning does promise some "exciting things" to come so definitely keep an eye out for more releases from Time Leap. Who could forget to ask the question "What do you think of the more generic forms of EDM and their effect on the scene?" Respectfully, Henning replied with "There are, occasionally, interesting tracks of more generic genres. That said, these tracks typically work best when played on a large PA system" adding that he personally has very little, if any, interest in clubbing or parties but prefers to just listen to and feel the music. chris farley Afternova's latest single pack "Together We Are Strong" is out now with two dance versions and two orchestral versions! Go get it! The orchestral versions are also definitely worth it. Please continue to support Afternova, Abora  and #trancefamily. afternova-feature