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Anujna-Faithful | Oliver Smith - Evermore

Monday, June 23, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Oliver Smith has been featured on every single Anjunabeats compilation ever released. Oliver smith has a way of flying under the radar while simultaneously cementing his legacy as one of the greatest members of the Anjunabeats family. There are a lot of great new additions to the Anjunabeats family, but Oliver Smith is one of the guys that helped build the Anjunabeats name and put the Anjunabeats label on the map. Evermore is another fantastic notch is Oliver's belt, melodic, emotional, yet driving and groovy at the same time, perhaps the definition of 99% of the tracks released on Anjunabeats. I'm not always sure how to verbalize how these tracks make me feel, except to say: They make me feel something I don't feel when listening to any other genre of music. A well deserved record of the week on ABGT last Friday, enjoy Oliver Smith - Evermore: Oliver Smith - Evermore

Oliver Smith - Evermore