Peek-a-boo! Terry Da Libra Found you!

Peek-a-boo! Terry Da Libra Found you…with his new EP Hide/Seek released on Enhanced. And what a month it’s been for the Greek producer! A relatively new face on the scene, Terry Da Libra has been pumping out tracks this month. Originally, I was only going to post his new EP after discovering it on Soundcloud, but when I dug deeper into his music, I realized all 5 tracks I’ve included in this post were published within the last month. Looks like I found you Terry Da Libra.


Hide/Seek is a melodic journey through Progressive Trance fueled by driving beats and hypnotic synths. If I had to pick a favorite, the release and final drop in Seek definitely gives me the feels.

Terry Da Libra – Hide

Terry Da Libra – Seek


Are you kidding me? This guy from Greece has been pushing out some emotional dance music over the last few months that I need to catch you up on. If you’ve already discovered these, re-discover them, and if you’re listening to Terry Da Libra for the first time to today, just sit back and enjoy!

BXT – Moments (Terry Da Libra Remix)

This BXT remix is some serious uplifting Trance. #TranceFamily, turn this one wayyyyy up.

Tritonal feat. Phoebe Ryan – Now Or Never (Terry Da Libra Chill Out Mix)

Are you kidding me?! This is the best remix of Tritonal’s original Now or Never I’ve been able to find. Have a better one? Drop it in the comments section below for me.

Tenishia – Benedictus (Terry Da Libra Remix)

Just a perfectly produced track. You can really tell how much skill goes into producing the desired emotional dance music effect’s Terry is looking for. And again, he finds them.

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