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New Supercharged EP from Jaytech - Positronic!

Jaytech, a.k.a. Jimbo, has revealed not only his new EP (released on 7/7), but also a brand-new imprint, Positronic Digital! As a rule, I love new labels and this one will be a big-hitter in the near future with assumed support from Anjunabeats. Let's get into the tracks: Tank Logic: Above & Beyond is probably extremely proud of this track, as it follows the classic Anjuna mix of calming breakdowns, high energy uplifting synth drops and an irresistible heavy bass drop. The A&B guys even chose it for ABGT #85. Entropy: A testament to Jimbo's ability to come up with incredible melodies and find the chunkiest of bass instruments. Much more old-school and progressive in the song-structure than "Tank Logic", "Entropy" is much more suited for a Prydz set than an Above & Beyond set (although both artists are good enough to work with just about anything). Electron: A burst of energy as reverbed synths fill the space. This track isn't about the hook, it isn't about the complicated melodies. "Electron" is about the party, with a masterful manipulation of energy for a perfect mid-set banger. Blackout: My personal favorite, "Blackout" includes a late 90's alternative style of guitar picking coupled with a groovy rock beat. Jaytech paints a picture that's almost aimed at Seattle, with how deep and thought-provoking it is - a veritable overcast of sound! As complex as the great Pacific Northwest,  "Blackout" is full of emotion ranging from high to low in an almost poetic fashion. Look forward to this EP coming out July 7th! Support Jaytech, Positronic Digital, Anjunabeats and all of the folks who bring you the joy of music! Bart Strip