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Alexander Popov Packs a Powerful Punch with "Quantum"

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Christina Hernandez

A couple months ago I was listening to a mix by Driftmoon when I heard this amazing song about 20 minutes into the set:

Alexander Popov - Quantum

I was blown away. Taking the form of a Markus Schulz-esque big room sound, the strong bassline was met with an equally epic and powerful melody. I couldn't get enough of this masterpiece and soon found myself looping the set over and over just to hear the song, skipping right to the part when it started. However, since there was no tracklist the song remained untitled for me for months! But then something great happened: Orjan Nilsen also played it in his EDC set, and making me overjoyed as I completely lost it with the rest of the crowd. While looking through the songs he played last night, I finally found the name and artist and it was none other than the fabulous Russian trance artist Alexander Popov. So there you have it people - Quantum is an irresistibly delicious track that is sure to give you a boost when you listen to it!  
Alexander Popov
Alexander Popov