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Respect the Trance Breakdown

Monday, July 21, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Paul Van Dyk is one of the most recognizable names in Trance music, so it's only fitting that his record label, which has become as iconic as Van Dyk himself, Vandit Records, continues to release tracks that support the evolution of dance music while also holding onto the core values of Trance that the #Trancefamily hold so dearly in their hearts. The breakdown and buildup of a track are both extremely important elements in all dance music, but especially the Trance genre, which puts a huge emphasis on the ability to evoke emotions through the idea of building (or layering) upon an inherently basic melody (highlighted in the breakdown), until it becomes an explosion of complexity - organized chaos if you will. The breakdown (starting at 1:09) in this collaboration between two Trance-production powerhouses (Genix & Las Salinas) made me feel something. The music always has the last word, and that feeling I'm chasing, well this one gave it to me. There isn't much else to say, it's time to listen: Genix & Las Salinas - Arcadia

Genix & Las Salinas - Arcadia

Las Salinas - Breaking The Spell 006

While we're here, I thought I'd include the latest episode of Las Salinas radio show "Breaking the Spell." Love the title. Check it out and pass it on, it might just help you teach your friends about good music. 01. Kobana - Sighted (MoodFreak Remix) [Silk Digital Records] 02. Matt Lange - Underscore (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep] 03. Blood Groove & Kikis vs. LTN - Both (Soarsweep 'Intelligent' Remix) [Silk Royal Records] 04. Vintage & Morelli Pres. Tandem - Distant Promises (Original Mix) [Colorize] 05. Aeron Aether - Synthanelia (Jayeson Andel Remix) [Silk Digital Records] 06. Genix - Run (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats] 07. Oliver Smith - Evermore (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats] 08. Morvan - Wonder (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive] 09. Genix & Las Salinas - Arcadia (Original Mix) [VANDIT Records] - BREAK OF THE MONTH!!! 10. Above & Beyond Pres. OceanLab - Satellite (ilan Bluestone Remix) [Anjunabeats] 11. Koglin & Fassbender - Taiko (Original Mix) [VANDIT Records] Las Salinas - Breaking The Spell 006


One of our writers told me to listen to Paul Van Dyk's set from Tomorrowland and I was extremely impressed. I was thrilled to hear how Trancy he kept it, playing favorites like The Ocean, Sun & Moon, and many more. Listen for yourself here: Paul Van Dyk - Live @ Tomorrowland 2014, Day 3 (Belgium) – 20.07.2014

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