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Friendzone? Actually, I Dig It.

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Guys/dudes/bros, are you feeling down lately because the girl of your dreams seems to not be interested in you past simple friendship? As a girl, I'll offer you a useful tip: the "friendzone" may suck, but trust me it doesn't have to exist if you're persistent, patient, and not putting yourself in a negative self-fulfilling prophecy! Johan Vilborg Anyways, whether you agree with my tip or not, I know a guy who can lift you out of that funk. The name is Johan Vilborg, and this guy made a song just for you! However, instead of being a downer, this progressive trance track released on Enhanced Recordings will put a smile on that sad face of yours. Filled with happy, airy synth sounds, a chill breakdown, and a melody that makes you want to jump for joy, this song oughta make you feel motivated enough to get right back out in the game.  Think I'm joking? Listen for yourself below and be pleasantly surprised!

Johan Vilborg - Friendzone

Johan Vilborg

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