Kill Me For The Thrill – Armin approved

Bastian Salbart Kill Me For The Thrill

If Armin says it’s a good tune, its a good tune.

And no, it’s not any of that 138 bpm Trance he’s been pushing. So even the casual Trance fan will enjoy this one.

Complex percussion and sound design. A powerful melody. Vocals used as an instrument. It’s got everything you’re looking for in a groovy Trance tune.

Speaking of groovy Trance, you can’t call yourself a Trance fan these days if you’re not following High Contrast Recordings. Take the time to look them up on Soundcloud and hit the follow button…If you really don’t have time, don’t worry, I’ll be here selecting and covering their best tracks.

Bastian Salbart - Kill Me For The Thrill

Bastian Salbart – Kill Me For The Thrill

armin kill me for the thrill asot

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