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"Agent Orange" Can Uplift Us Out of the Heatwave

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Us Californians have been suffering a lot lately. Not only are we in the worst drought in state history, but we are also enduring a gnarly heat wave this week that is so miserable it makes many of us look forward to working in our air-conditioned offices every morning. Heck, even moving slightly makes me sweat like I just completed a five mile run!
adam ellis
  All complaints aside, I was quite pleased to come home and see that Bryan Kearney released a new song today on his record label Kearnage - and it's an ID that I've been waiting for quite some time! It's about darn time I got a title for the song instead of having to fish around mixes all the time.

Adam Ellis - Agent Orange

Like other productions by him such as Napalm Poet and Mandarine, Adam Ellis didn't skimp on the epicness in his new uplifting piece. The fast tempo keeps you bouncing, the vocal sample adds emotion and complexity, and the melody is the kind that is happy and sad at the same time. When the notes and beat of "Agent Orange" met my ears, I suddenly felt light, happy, and not miserably hot anymore - the kind of feeling that only a quality production can bring me. Cheers to another good track, Mr. Ellis!  
adam ellis