Ilan Bluestone Announces New EP

With just a little under three weeks until Group Therapy 100 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the excitement begins to grow. Many of us have been waiting months for the big show, and with it just around the corner what better way to celebrate then with some new music from one of the featured guests: Ilan Bluestone.

Ilan Bluestone

That’s right, during Group Therapy 098’s Record of the Week we were told some pretty exciting news! First, the record was a brand new Ilan Bluestone track called “Snapdragon,” and boy is it fantastic.

ilan Bluestone – Snapdragon 

It definitely sticks to that signature euphoric, yet club-like, “Bluestone sound,” and it does not disappoint. Second, the title of this track is also the title of Ilan Bluestone’s upcoming EP! Oh yes, we are getting three brand new tracks: “Snapdragon,” which was just premiered, followed by “Atlantis” and “Aurora.” Are you pumped yet?

Ilan Bluestone Pumped

If this EP is anything like his latest Big Ben EP, then we are definitely in for a treat. Judging from the way that “Snapdragon” sounds, I think it is safe to make the assumption that it is going to be massive. If you haven’t listened to Ilan Bluestone’s latest EP, give it a listen now and prepare yourself for the next one, coming soon on Anjunabeats.

ilan Bluestone – Big Ben EP

Ilan Bluestone will be playing alongside Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer, and Mat Zo for the highly anticipated 100th episode of Group Therapy in Madison Square Garden on October 18th. Make sure not to miss the extraordinary show, and prepare yourself for many more surprises from Ilan as well as the others as it approaches.

A huge thank you to Ilan Bluestone for this awesome new track. I look forward to your new EP, as well as what you have in store for the future! Keep it up!

Ilan Bluestone and Me

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